Tattoo artists are making the world better by making people better!


Tattooing truly has an amazing strong power to change you and it will regardless of whether you believe it or not, are getting your first tattoo or are completing your bodysuit. That can be for the good or for the worse, let's make sure that it's for the good! Tattoos literally change you on the outside and with varying levels of public display as well as on the inside. This is inevitable, and it's amazing. On my own tattoo journey, I had to learn how to be nice to people as every time they talked to me about tattoos I couldn't be antisocial and keep positive. I mean, I coulda, but then I would be a jerk dozens of times every day as I was getting heavily tattooed. These tattoos were birds and, you know, pretty things so people weren't threatened to talk to me about them. I realized years later as clients were coming back to the tattoo studio they had felt better about themselves, so they started acting better about themselves, and ultimately tattooing was teaching them the same lessons that it was teaching me. But it wasn't just a few people, this was a whole community of people who were actually becoming better people through the art of tattooing as it allowed them to become more complete, it allowed them to move ideas that are on their insides and bring them to the outsides to literally transform their bodies, which in turn, transforms their their minds.